Our Water-Soluble Pouches

  • Laundry

    Just toss the pouch directly into the washing machine followed by the garments being washed. Simple as that! The pouch completely dissolves in water and releases its pre-measured cleaning power. The dissolved pouch is biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • Surface, Disinfectant, and Other Cleaners

    Drop the pouch into your spray bottle, bucket, or other container and then fill with water. Watch the pouch completely dissolve in water and release its pre-measured cleaning power to give you a superior cleaning solution.

S.F. Products Water-Soluble Pouches

What are they made of?

Our water-soluble pouches are made of an alcohol-based film that is environmentally friendly and used in many medical, household, and personal care applications. They dissolve in water, contain no plastics, and are completely biodegradable.

S.F. Products Biodegradable Pouches

How do they biodegrade?

Our alcohol-based pouches dissolve in water and get consumed by bacteria/micro-organisms naturally present in sanitation systems and the environment. These micro-organisms break down any traces of the dissolved pouch from waste water into water and carbon dioxide. Our pouches don't persist in the environment or contribute to any micro-plastic pollution.

Simple, Effective, No Filler, and Environmentally Responsible

Checkout our cleaners in water soluble pouches to simplify and improve the way you clean.

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