Improving and Simplifying the Way You Clean

S.F. Products provides more advanced and better cleaning solutions for both industry and home use. Our products are convenient, easy to use, and more economical to help you keep things clean while mitigating rising costs from inflation.

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  • S.F Products Water Soluble Pouches

    Water-Soluble Pouches

    Our pre-measured cleaning products come in water-soluble pouches. The pouches dissolve in water to release the cleaning power they contain and are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. They are the smarter, hassle-free way to clean!

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  • Biobased | S.F. Products

    Biobased Ingredients

    We are also constantly innovating to create environmentally conscious cleaning products that don't sacrifice cleaning power.
    Our biobased cleaning products are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), to contain raw materials from renewable resources and are safer for our environment.

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  • Industry Leading Cleaning Technology

    At SF Products, we are constantly researching and developing new products that utilize the latest biobased technology without sacrificing performance.

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A Better Way to Clean

S.F. Products is the source for more effective, economical, and environmentally conscious cleaners.

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